Turn midi.city into a PWA?

What is a PWA?

If you turn midi.city into a PWA then:

  • Users can install midi.city
  • You can add a feature to download instruments for offline use.

In the post about favorite intsruments tab @jack said this:

This is a great idea — I think a precursor for this is to have user accounts though which blocks a lot of other features.

A user account is not required because you can store in the cash of the website which instruments where selected as favorites.

Beside that, PWA’s are becoming super populair. :wink:

Hey @Tijn73, you’re right that a PWA would be great.

I think a big advantage would be offline capabilities as you mentioned.

But in regards to avoiding user accounts: I’m really trying to make this an app that allows you to seamlessly switch from mobile to desktop and retain your settings. The PWA would just be storing that information in the browser which makes it so that wouldn’t be possible.

Regardless, I hope to PWA support but for now it isn’t a big priority.

I’m open to hearing more thoughts on this though!

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