The beatles chat

Just talk about beatles


the Beatles r good and i love them

i am the walrus. koo koo gachoo change my mind.

The walrus was paul. Take that ickystick

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You got me there! With peace and love peace and LOVE!

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ya man i agree with you thar

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I love the beatles – I am a big George fan.

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I really liked his solo work after as well. I love his playing style, and work with The Travelling Willburys.

i got all things must pass on record and it rocks

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yes it does macca man. yes. it. does.

Though i really love paul, in a way you’d love celebrities

the nice man that’s great and it’s amazing I aprceat this

Pauls actually the reaon i play bass

Cool! My brother plays bass too, and we both like listening to the Beatles and picking out different parts of the songs to play.

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ya man love them :heart: love you all

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