Standalone DAW or Midi Plugin

I think it would be great if could eventually be it’s own DAW(digital audio workplace), or a midi plugin for one. It has a ton of instruments and it has an excellent UI that would function well as a plugin. I think it would just need a midi output to compatible programs or other websites being run on a system.

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I was wondering if there were any plans to make this a standalone application? I am a hopeful indie dev and I tried to find some synth software I could use to make tracks for my game but they all seem to have horrible interfaces and require an expensive midi keyboard to use. this site seems much more user friendly but I would like to be able to use it offline. also I know a recording function is in the works but is there going to be a timeline with that? like were you can play a note or sound and have it appear on the timeline to be edited. so you could delete or even rearrange the sounds in the track before saving the recording?

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The recording feature is coming sometime early next year. I have talked to the creator, and he has said that there is a possibility of adding a MIDI output so you can use it in a DAW. As for making it an application, I have made it a post that you can find here.

You might want to check out LMMS, pretty decent interface, friendly forums if you need support, and no expensive keyboard required!


I did try it out because of your suggestion but the fact that that counts as a decent interface is more an indictment of audio software in general than it is a recommendation for lmms2. I’m used to photo and video editing software and I do program in a few languages so I can accept a bit of a learning curve on ui but quite frankly audio software in general looks like it was designed to be as confusing and useless as possible. all I need is to be able to put notes on a scale as if I was writing it by hand and then have the computer make noises accordingly. or heck if I could click and drag sounds on a timeline like in video software that would be fine. honestly I don’t care about waveforms or amplitude or any of the nitty gritty numbers behind the sound I just care what it sounds like and thats the only part I should have to interact with.