Repeating sounds

when I press a key sometimes the sound repeats it self twice and only then stays as normal.
on a windows 10 chrome.
the problem appeared in most of the instruments I tried

@yamfe1 thanks for reporting – I’ll look into it today :v:

@yamfe1 I just tried recreating this but wasn’t successful. Do you have a special keyboard with its own key repeating functionality?

Also, what do your settings look like in your Keyboard Properties panel e.g. Capture

@yamfe1 also, does this only happen with certain instruments?


  1. it happens when I use the mouse no only with the keyboard. I am on a laptop so it’s not special hardware.
  2. it happens with instruments from all categories, there is a slight buffer before the sound repeats.
  3. I experimented a bit more and with some instrument it doesn’t continue normally and just keeps flickering every ittle it. I can record it to you and send it,is there an option to add video here?
  4. also I don’t think it’s my hardware because I only have this problem with the beta version.

@yamfe1 okay great to know it happens with the mouse too.

Is there any way you record this with audio? Either with your phone or windows screen grabbing tool (which hopefully supports audio)?

If not, is the sound you’re hearing the same sound triggered twice (you hear the beginning of the sound twice) or is it a crackling sort of noise?

Thanks for your patience :pray:

I cant’ upload audio files to my reply, should I e-mail the recording to you?

@yamfe1 Yeah that works. Email me at

Also having the same issue on Windows 10 Chrome, seems to happen when there is more than one note being played at the same time.

Hey @The_Space_Hobo, thanks for reporting. I’m looking into this; however, @yamfe1’s issues/examples are (correct me if I’m wrong) single notes being played.

Could you upload audio/screengrab of the issue? I personally have a windows 10 parition that I boot into and it doesn’t have this issues so any information would help – I’m actually going to work on a way for folks to be able to report debug logs to me in the future.

I’ve updated the forum software to allow for wav, mp3, and ogg files. If your uplaod format isn’t support just let me know and I’ll add it to the whitelist

I’ll send an MP4 for visual reference if you want? I probably didn’t explain it well previously.

@The_Space_Hobo that’d be great – I just whitelisted MP4 uploads, so give it a shot

Not letting me upload it unfortunately, should I email you it instead?

@The_Space_Hobo look like the forum software doesn’t support video uploads. Could you use I’d like @yamfe1 to also be able to see it :slight_smile:

Thanks @The_Space_Hobo – that sounds like what @yamfe1 sent me.

I’m going to look into it today, and if I can’t figure out the root cause, I’m going to add a debug mode that will give me more information.

Will update you soon

Alright pal, keep up the good work.

@The_Space_Hobo and @yamfe1: I just pushed up a fix for this. Could you two confirm it looks good on your end?

@jack I don’t have the problem with the yamaha ft grand anymore but I still have it with the other instruments.

@yamfe1 that’s really strange/surprising because the fix wasn’t specific to a certain instrument – could you do a screen recording like @The_Space_Hobo?