Recording to MP3/WAV/OGG

Sorry 'bout my glaring ignorance. The question may be foolish but how can I create and record a track here online? Is there any tutorial in this website?

@The_Minimal_Goth no ignorance at all – it’s one of the most common requests.

I’ve renamed this thread and moved it to the feature request category, please upvote the post to add your vote.

I’m curious what you or anyone are looking for with this feature.

Would a record button that records exactly what is being played do it for you?


not the op, but i think that what you suggested i.e. a record button which records the exact output would be perfect! it seems like its what most people would want realistically, and its certainly what i want. would love to see this implemented or something similar.

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thanks @4evr, that’s great feedback.

I should be able to do raw un-editable recording pretty quickly and am going to prioritize this feature.

I have plans for a more thorough recording experience later on but I think this should be a good first step.

Stay tuned


Yes would love a recording button. of exactly what is being played would be sweet

Made an account just so I could vote on this! I’ve been looking for a easy start to get into making music, or thinks like it and I’m so glad that this exists now! I really hope that we get this feature as soon as possible. As a web developer, (I assist, I don’t write the code but I do know enough) I can tell how hard it is to get updates working and what not. I’m really excited for this feature! This is everything I’ve wanted.


Ability to record yourself playing, then play it back while still being able to use the keyboard, so you can play music that’d be otherwise impossible. Has this been requested before? Apologies if it already has.

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cok free mp3 recorder is a free app you can download to your computer. it will record anything you can hear on your speakers.

If you do this it would be incredible! Especially during this shift to online learning with COVID. I have lots of students who are now working online — it would be great if they record what they make to send to their classmates and teachers with this tool.


I’m in the same boat!

@TheWarblingRaven are you in education as well?

@jack yup, I teach high school

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The ability to record your creations and download them (MP3, MKV, MOV) I was wondering if this is already a feature I didn’t know about if so can someone tell me how?

@JackG it’s in the works! I’ll update everyone here when it’s ready.

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(admin: duplicate request for feature from another thread)

soooo-Do you have a release date for the record button?
A reason? I think we could share the music we made on this community :3

I’m currently working on it – I had to rework a lot of the code to prepare for it so we’re getting there.

I’m stabilizing things right now from all of the changes I made and will start releasing incremental changes that will get us there.

Most likely, there initially won’t be cloud storage or other-user visibility – you’ll just be hitting record, playing, and then when stopping you’ll get the option to save as MIDI or MP3.

Then after that I’ll continue to improve it and the above mentioned things + more.

I’d appreciate votes/comments in ❤ Support -- Digital Membership + T-Shirt/Sticker fundraiser because I’m going to at least need to cover server costs.

The initial recording release may be initially only available to contributors


Heyyyy man. Terribly sorry if you’re getting tired of hearing this and especially under the circumstances it might be stressful. But when do you reckon this recording release will be available?

@joe_gould no, I’m glad everyone is looking forward to this. Literally working on it now. Expecting a release later this week that will be exclusive to supporters. More details to come.