Midi Keyboard Input

I love midi.city but would like a midi-keyboard option so I can play more consistently

This is merely a suggestion as it isnt a bug or anything, I would just like to know if there are any plans for midi support?

that’s a great suggestion and something I have planned. Currently, the only browser that would natively support this is Chrome which is a bummer

Excellent Jack. I too believe midi-keyboard input greatly improves the situation.

So many people use Chrome in many flavors.

Counting the minutes till I can use a controller, Jack.

Thanks for a great experience. I wish you and yours the very best.

any C

@nickec, @TheTrashman, and anyone else who is interested in this feature: What midi controller(s) do you use?

Akai Pro MPK Mini, Yamaha P125, Alesis V25.



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Hi! Found midi.city this morning while searching for some way to lab with my midi keyboard. Yes, I totally missed the fact that this should only be used with a computer keyboard… However, just spend like fifteen minutes on writing some code that will listen on all midi-devices for messages and pass all keys from C3 to E4 as keyboard-presses. After loading midi.city, open up the developer tools and run the code found on the link below. Will only work in Chrome.


@nosblod I love it. Thanks for hacking on that – I’m getting ready to implement this for real and appreciate your proof of concept.

Also everyone else, please check out this post.

@nickec, @nosblod, @TheTrashman, and anyone else who’s following this: please check out the new thread for Beta support for this. Let me know on that thread if it’s working for you :slight_smile:

@jack I’m using my own app to send midi events

@brunodles nice! What is it, if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m curious if others are also using virtual midi controllers.

I started with a heavy PocketOperator inspired UI, but now it looks like a customisable launchpad (something like Roli Lightpad).
Right now I’m looking to add MPE.

This is one screen from the early stages, it also had an embedded synthesizer.

That’s rad. Share a link when it’s out!

I’ve got a PO and love the form factor. Hoping to make midi.city more mobile friendly like your UI soon.

Hi, Jack!
When I’m trying to play from my midi-kb I’m having this error: Latest Input Channel: 16 (unsuccessful)

My keyboard is Midiplus Origin 62

hey @43hz! For now, you’ll need to figure out how to send events on Channel 1 (for melodic/piano) and Channel 10 (percussion). Does that keyboard allow you to change the channel you’re sending events on?

Ideally this can be customized in the future but it’s lower priority.