MIDI file import

Hey, so I’ve just created a new account to ask about this, since I have tons of midis sitting around on my computer, some of them my own, and I was wondering what they’d sound like on this rather choice quality soundfont you have here.
Is there any way to do this or has it not been implemented yet?

It’s in the works, as well as midi export. I’m trying to nail the sound engine first, and then will move on to import/export once it’s in a good place.

The drum beats on the legacy/current version are actually midi files so it’s definitely doable.

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Thanks man, good to hear : )


Hi Jack, thanks for the app is amazing is a tab forever opened in my Chrome…
With this feature import (and export) its possible to see a “piano roll” of sorts?
I know that the next step would be editing and maybe is not the aim of midi.city…
It woulb be great to have somthing like that without going the full DAW experience.

And again thanks!

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@LuisP we’ve got the capability to play MIDI files right now via the drum pattern selector, so it’s possible that I create MIDI file import before MIDI file output.

To be honest, I’d assume most folks are more interested in MIDI file export than MIDI file import.

I don’t intend to do a full-on “grid editor” like you see in all other DAW’s and am experimenting around that.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it and welcome to the forum!

You can record for example your music and put it on repeat then switch to another instrument while the repeated music is still plying in the background

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