Keys not loading - Windows 10 PC Brave Browser

2The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resumed (or created) after a user gesture on the page.
test-audio-node-disconnect-method-support.ts:5 [Deprecation] The ScriptProcessorNode is deprecated. Use AudioWorkletNode instead. (
(anonymous) @ test-audio-node-disconnect-method-support.ts:5
react-spring-shared.esm.js:626 react-spring: Directly calling start instead of using the api object is deprecated in v9 (use “.start” instead), this will be removed in later 0.X.0 versions
(anonymous) @ react-spring-shared.esm.js:626
webmidi.min.js:31 [Deprecation] Web MIDI will ask a permission to use even if the sysex is not specified in the MIDIOptions since around M82, around May 2020. See for more details.
i.enable @ webmidi.min.js:31
loglevel-plugin-prefix.js:106 root: Main.tsx idle callback reached