Keyboard split for simultanously creating 2 sounds

I would like to be able to split my Nord Electro’s keyboard, because that way I could send a midi signal for one sound on my left hand and for another sound using my right hand. For example: playing string chords with my left hand while playing a piano melody with my right hand.

That’s a neat idea to control at the software level because a lot of MIDI controllers lack good customization on that front.

Though, I did some digging on the Nord Electro, and it looks like it supports a Split functionality. I’m not sure which version you have though.

Regardless, this would be a nice feature for MIDI controllers that aren’t as powerful.

Hi Jack,

You are right, my Electro does support some king of split functionality. However, it only does within the organ section; I cannot play organ with my left hand while playing piano or midi with my right hand, which obviously is what I would like to be able to do.

My Nord Electro by the way is model Seventy Three. You may have seen there lots of different Nord-models within the Electro range.

Greetings from Holland! Where do you live?