Keyboard input delay

Also, slight lag when playing instruments.

@HarryB123 I think I know what you mean but can you expand on this a little?

Do you mean that the time it takes from when your finger presses the key to when you actually hear something?

Yes, indeed. Some might call it lag

I think there’s definitely some room for me to make that faster.

If you could answer the following it’d help:

  • Do you see the key background change color without lag, or is that also delayed?
  • Is this when you’re using a lot of keys at the same time, or does it happen even when one key is pressed?

It lags and seems to skip some sounds, but the visuals are fine!

tango accordion is really laggy and doesnt play c3

yeah there’s an issue with the soundfont I’m using in that it doesn’t have support for that note.

I’m working on addressing that.

What iOS device are you using?

I am using PC, Windows 1903