It wont work with keyboard on laptop or Chromebook

it wont work with keyboard on laptop or Chromebook

Hey @noahlowe3, welcome.

Are you experiencing this on the beta or the legacy version?

What hardware version of the chromebook and what version of chrome are you using?

What are the issues you’re seeing?

I have a chromebook, but nothing seems to be wrong on my end. The beta was a bit laggy and clipped often, but I assume that’s already known and’ll be patched up soon. Legacy’s alright though.

@cctvcctvcctv can you check it out again? I’ve made a lot of optimizations that should have improved the sound quality on the beta.

Also, knowing your model of chromebook will help because it will give me insight into what your CPU/GPU look like. Is it one of these?

@jack it’s certainly better than it was before, but still clips and lags if I play too quickly, especially when playing more than one note at a time. In addition, sometimes a note that was played stays sustained when I release the key on my keyboard, forcing me to press it again to silence the audio output.

In regards to model, I had a look through the ones offered in the link you included and couldn’t find mine. I own an acer chromebook in the CB3-111 series, got it back in 2016 : )

@cctvcctvcctv thanks for checking in on it.

Glad it’s a little better, but I’m going to continue to make some changes to optimize the experience for slower systems.

I will most likely start with disabling the visualizer when slowdowns are detected.

I’ll let you know when that’s ready and then I’ll ping you to see how much it helps.

Beta, Its Beta.

Not working on my Chromebook either. everything is just stuck loading

@joshmonster13 what version of Chrome are you using?