Extremely laggy audio

new to this, and the first thing i noticed is, when i tried anything the audio was EXTREMELY laggy.

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I am new too and I am experiencing the same difficultie. It makes it inpossible to actually play a song. Hopefully it can be repaired. Could also depend upon the quality of the internet connection.

Very happy to have come acrosss this site though, because in does enable me to play the sounds using my Nord Elektro in combination with my Focusrite audio interface.

hi @icantmakemusic and @Keyboardkid – can you describe the issues you’re facing a bit more?

Can you share with me as much of your computer’s specs as possible?

Hi Jack,

This is Michael from Holland.

First let me tell you, you are doing a great job. You have develloped and still are developping just the thing I have been looking for for a long time, though I would like all of it to be available in a downloadable form, because I merely use it for live performance and therefore it needs to be 100% available and of constant quality at all times. I am more of a musician than I am a technician.

Back to the specific bug. I have uploaded my laptop’s spec’s hoping you will find them usefull.

Keep up the good work.



Hoi Michael,

I appreciate the kind words – I’m putting a lot of work into making midi.city work on wider range of devices right now which should resolve a lot of the open issues.

In the meantime, I would take a look at your windows Task Manager to make sure that you have low CPU and memory usage outside of your browser.

Stay tuned for updates on better performance.