Drums seem to lag

The drums seem laggy when trying to play a drum beat. Also, please make the lod version accessible on old.midi.city

@HarryB123 are you seeing consistent lag with the drum keys i.e. every time you press the key there is a lag, or is it inconsistent?

Also, what kind of machine are you on?

Unfortunately, I can no longer host the old version alongside the new one. The old one would cost about $200 a month to host.

The old one didn’t have the ability to play your own drum beat so I’m curious what you’re missing from it?

Thanks for joining the community!

Every time I press the keys, it is a short delay before it plays the sound. I was using a recent (2017) laptop.

How can I use midi.city offline? App possibly?

I’m going to tweak one of the settings so that there is less latency in the near future. There’s about a maximum 0.1sec delay to play a sound from the keyboard right now.

I’ll work on reducing that pretty soon here. I get that it’s tough to make a beat with that sort of delay.

I have plans for offline mode but I’m wondering if you are more interested in desktop or mobile offline mode?

I would love to have a mobile app with all the instruments. But it costs to list an app on app stores. So maybe an app is not the best.

I already have another app (MoonDial) so I’ve paid the cost :slight_smile:

Keep your eye out here for more info about a mobile app. First, I’m going to improve the mobile browser app and then roll out the native app.

How about an android app?

It’s on the roadmap, but may be a while from now