Custom Soundfonts

Sorry about this, but do you happen to know when the rest of the soundfonts for beta will be uploaded?

Sorry, but I primarily use organ sounds…


Hey! What do you mean exactly? The same sound fonts should be present as are available on the “legacy” version.

Are you not seeing the presets you used before?

The preset selector isn’t great right now and I’m working on optimizing the sounds in case those are the problems


Sorry for not clarifying, and yes, the sounds are the problem. When I try to play with the organ sound font, no sound comes (this is only on the beta version). Also, the sound doesn’t seem to work on an iPhone (on the legacy version itself). Do you know why this is?


Oh sorry, it is not the sound that is the problem for the beta, i was just wondering when the organ sound fonts would be uploaded, since the only things there right now are the piano sounds. However, my iPhone problem remains, and do you have any tips about that?


The legacy version requires you to turn your mute switch off but it’s not a problem the new version should have.

Are the organs the only ones that don’t play for you on the new version?


Thanks for the solution. Also, none of the other sounds are uploaded except for the piano sounds… I’m not sure if that is simply because or my computer or what, but they simply aren’t there.

Thanks for all your help!

can you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Sorry for the (extremely) delayed response; I’ve been super busy of late. The problem has fixed itself now (of course, since has been updated), but thank you so much for all of your help! :slight_smile: