Changelog -- updated 11-19-2019


  • Feature: Percussion Tracks for Desktop – The Percussion track can now use a predefined midi pattern with a dynamic BPM (Desktop Only)

  • This will be one of the last updates before the legacy version is replaced, which means this will no longer be a Beta


  • Feature: Multi-Track for Desktop – you will now see two separate tracks: one for percussion and another for melody. You can choose to collapse, expand, and resize the keyboards of each so that you (or a friend) can play them at the same time. (Desktop Only)


  • Feature: Desktop keyboard zooming – allows you to play twice the key range at one time by using four rows of your keyboard.


  • Feature: Add arrow keyboard navigation with keyboard support – navigate octaves using the arrows on the bottom scrollbar or your keyboards arrow keys.


  • Bugfix: Fixed smooth scrolling on safari

  • Stability: Audio quality should be improved, especially when switching to many different presets over the same session