Can anyone help with a setting that sounds exactly like the previous POLYSYNTH one

I use both DEXED and MODEL-E from Steinberg VSTs.

Polysynth was my #1 reason for using The new one is lacking all of the previous one’s effect. :confused:

NOW that you’ve taken away the original page. I think most instruments seem to have a delay that wasn’t there before.

Also thank you for this free service, I understand it’s a good deal of effort. Thank you,

Hey @CaChCh,

Thanks for bringing up your concerns. Yes, a lot of the sounds have changed, but they are actually closer to the original soundfont implementation than they were before. There are a few things left for me to bring them closer to what you heard before (like using a different low-pass filter), so the sound should improve a bit from that.

But can you describe what you’re hearing differently? What browser are you using?

And in regards to the delay, are you talking about the time between you pressing the keys and when you hear something? Something else?

Let me know and thanks for taking the time to report this.

I’m an amateur so Idk how to say it in proper technical terms other than they sound entirely different to me now.

Using Opera. I seems like it cannot go as fast as I am playing.

Default Polysynth sounds a lot more clean & polished. I liked how dirty & slow it was. It sounded edgier and the notes seem to last longer? I like LoFi sounds so maybe I just liked all the defects? shrugs

@CaChCh are you getting the unsupported browser message when you open the page in opera?

Opera actually sounds really close to chrome when I just superficially played with it, so I may add it to the supported browser list.

I like lo-fi sounds as well and am hoping the improved low-pass filter will give it something closer to what you heard before.

I’ll try and update this thread when it’s implemented so you can play with it, but keep your eye on the changelog as well.