BETA: MIDI Hardware Input Support

I’ve just released a very work-in-progress version of hardware MIDI input support. The feature will improve over time but I’m looking for feedback on this as it’s developed.

It has the following features/limitations:

  • only supported in desktop/laptop Chrome
  • noteOn and noteOff events are the only controller events that are listened to
  • can only play keys that are or were visible on the screen
  • drum pads must be sent on Channel 10
  • melodic keys must be sent on Channel 1
  • supports velocity

If you are able to test the above, I’d appreciate your input on whether it’s working or not for you. You should be able to connect a USB MIDI controller at any time.

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There is now visual indication of when a MIDI input is detected. You’ll now also be able to choose which input you’d like to use in the menu.

If you are using a MIDI controller and emit an event on an unsupported channel, you’ll now see an alert notification that will take you to a new debugging tool.

Check it out:

I have tested it on my Chromebook using the MIDI Keyboard app by Dreamhound Studios on my Samsung phone through USB and it works very well. I haven’t been able to test it on a real keyboard though.
It seemed to be able to play any key to me (on screen or not) - i’m not sure whether you added the feature or not!

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@howinteresting that’s great to hear – and yeah, if the app detects a MIDI controller, it loads all the keys even if they aren’t visible.

There will be work done to show all the keys at the same time in this situation too though.

I just found this site, it is a great resource. I tested a USB 61 key controller via USB and it works great on Chrome using Windows 10. Is there any chance that you have support for a sustain pedal controller in your future development plans? Thank you again for developing this.

Chromium supports WebMIDI with the same API as Chrome, but it’s marked as unable to be used.

@MixedMatched what Operating System are you using? I’m unable to get Chromium to work with any web midi compatible site.

Do other sites (like this) work for you?