Hello! I just tried the first version of MIDI.City and it’s excellent. One thing I was wondering is if there could be a way to implement some kind of automatic power chord synth voice, kind of similar to the “Casio Chord” option that Casio has on some of their keyboards, where you can play one note and it’ll automatically play multiple other notes corresponding to that one as if you’d played three notes. Maybe there could even be an option to create an auto-chord for any instrument, where you can pick whatever type of chord formation you want for each note. I don’t know how doable this is or if what I’m saying makes sense. In any case, thanks!


Hey, welcome and great idea!

It’s definitely doable and is something I’ve experimented with already – it’s just a matter of getting the UI right.

There will be a bunch of new features coming in after I replace the current site with the beta.