Audio Quality Issues (crackling)

After playing chords, the audio becomes laggy and choppy and doesn’t go away until the page is refreshed.

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Hey @Zagra – thanks for the report.

Could you tell me your:

  1. Operating System
  2. Browser
  3. Hardware
  4. Does this happen on all presets? Only after changing multiple prior?
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HI, @jack !! Sorry for such the late reply. I’m on Win7 using Chrome. It seems to occur on most/all presets, including drum kits.

Hey @Zagra, thanks for the info! Could you also tell me what model the computer it is?

I couldn’t find a model, but it’s built by ASUS and is using a AMD A8-7600 Redeon dual-core.

Thanks that helps. That’s a relatively fast processor so my only hunch is that you have an old version of chrome installed. I’d make sure you are on the latest version.

Another option is you have low RAM and the application is swapping.

If it’s not that, then I’m out of ideas. Usually this stuff is due to your hardware… I’m working on a “low-quality” mode for devices that need it and there’s a lot I can cut to make that happen e.g. no animations, single velocity keys, etc.

this happens on all if presets are the different sounds yes
I’m even on chromebook with google

I might even stop using this until it is fixed because I can’t stop it

I’ll work on improving the performance for your @Zagra’s situation. I’ll update this thread when we’re there

I tried to replicate this. In Safari on macOS 10.15 using a Macbook 12, I opened two tabs of in the same browser window. I played a few chords in each tab (about 10, from T to P and back). I switched the first tab from Polysynth Pads to Choir Pads and played the ten chords again. I moved to the second tab and changed it to Choir Pads and played ten chords again.

By this point, either the first or second tab of had audio that was starting to break up slightly when playing a number of chords in succession.

Can anyone else replicate this?

I really appreciate that @rpvnwnkl.

The fact that changing presets over time affects this means I’m not cleaning up something in the audio graph.

That being said, is it happens after only changing a preset once, I’m running up too closely to the limit.

I’m finishing up a basic recording feature right now but will prioritize making the experience better on more constrained hardware after that.

Thanks for your patience folks.

when i switch to another sound the whole thing starts to go mute and quit working after a while

mostly just the string ensembles

Hey @Satan666, thanks for reporting :smiling_imp:

The strings are some of the more complex sounds. What kind of hardware are you running? What browser?

Regardless, that shouldn’t happen. Hopefully things like this are fixed in an optimized version coming out in the next week

Well, as the title says, the audio tends to clip out a lot, even if I reload the page or exit the tab. On top of that, it sometimes stops playing altogether.

There’s also the fact that when I try to load the acoustic grand piano (or whatever the very top piano preset is called), the site stops working and I get the thing that tells me that the site has stopped working so I either have to wait (which does nothing) or exit the page.

I am on a Lenovo C330 Chromebook, if that helps. (Back in September, I did have an issue where the keyboard wouldn’t work at all, but I think it has been resolved since I do get audio now, not sure if that’s connected in anyway or not.)

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I get that issue fairly soon and my Chromebook has 4GB RAM. Is that too little?

Can folks in this thread try out the new release and let me know if things seem better/worse?

I would say it hasn’t made the issue better. If anything it’s worse - for some reason it has started to cut out without changing a preset now!

I’ve identified an issue with the Reverb audio node that has been causing stress on low-powered devices and am pushing out a fix soon. I’ll ping you again @howinteresting – thanks for your patience

Great. Looking forward to it :slight_smile: