Audio quality degrades over time

@howinteresting can you give it a shot now?

It’s certainly better now - polysynth only gets the odd crackle and pop but changing instruments still results in audio that is extremely unstable - there’s still a bit of reverb on it so maybe a switch to disable it entirely for lower-powered devices would improve the issue? :slight_smile:
Edit: your previous post about no animations and single velocity sounds like a good idea - turning reverb off as well would make it better!


I’ve identified some opportunities to improve CPU usage for the visualizer and the button press animations which I’m going to do before I disable them completely.

The visualizer right now has distinct objects for each “bar” you see and it’s updating all of those sizes/positions individually so (if you’re curious), I’m going to make it a unified shape and just update the vertices together.

I am also going to try and add a “health” debugger that will indicate if the app is struggling and will show you information that will be helpful to pass on for all bug reports. That feature will also allow me to dynamically turn off/downgrade certain functionality.

Mobile safari also has an issue that causes it to crash as more presets are selected, so the cause of that might be the fix for the one you’re experiencing.

The reverb I’m using now shouldn’t be contributing to the performance problem itself, but I’ll revisit that after all of the above are addressed.

That sounds like it might work. I do notice lag in the visualiser and when I change notes I can play them as long as I let the visualiser stop - sounds like the culprit.

As you said, integrating the bars into one big thing would work or perhaps (i’m not sure how this would work or if it’s even possible) prioritising the audio over the visualisers / shutting them off if they slow down too much would help reduce lag.

I noticed that there was no lag in the legacy version and the new version has introduced some; I know the visualisers changed which is further evidence to say that they could be the cause.

Windows 7
Toshiba i3 8g Ram
all presets especially the ensemble

All: I’ve released another big change set that should reduce memory usage/leaks, and CPU usage.

Let me know if things are better/worse for you.

Sorry for the late reply.
I have just checked out the main site and although there is a little bit of GUI lag the audio works perfectly. :+1:

nice. I have more improvements coming on this front.