6-10-2020 -- Massive Optimizations

This latest release is focused on reducing CPU and memory usage across the board. Lower-end devices should be able to handle the app better and there should be no memory leaks.


  • Key animations have been turned off – they made it impossible to show quickly timed repetitions on the same key (think fast hi-hat). They were also a performance overhead.

  • Preset change memory leak resolved – there should no longer be any negative side-effects from changing the preset a lot.

  • Audio Graph Optimizations – the audio graph has been optimized even further which reduces CPU overhead.

  • Firefox support improved – we’re now closer to parity with Chrome quality/performance but there are still some noticeable discrepancies

Other notes:

  • there is still a lot of room for improvement for loading presets themselves, both on initial load and upon changing the preset)
  • focus is now shifting to the recording feature

Hello, thank you for the efforts.
Also I or we request for recording and can be download in .mp3 or .midi formats

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It’s coming, follow Recording to MP3/WAV/OGG for updates

Thank you! midi.city was always really slow on my old laptop!

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