5-14-2020 -- New Foundation

This release has minimal changes to the feature-set of midi.city, but comes with a whole new code foundation that will drive the site forwards from here on out. Expect more frequent updates from this point forward.

Bug fixes/improvements:

  • Memory leaks removed – you should no longer get worse audio performance as you change presets. The average memory usage on the site should be about 200MB.
  • Edge-Chromium detection has fixed so you should be able to use midi.city in this browser without a warning.
  • Page fetching speed improvements – the page should be about 10x faster to fetch
  • Temporary key loading performance degradation – we originally loaded only the keys that are currently visible (or all of them if you were using a MIDI input device). However, now are temporarily loading all keys for each preset which will cause a bit of a performance drop while loading presets. I expect to change this back soon but am prioritizing other features.
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